Decorating the Walls of an Archaeology HQ

When an archaeology team starts a new project, it is vital that they set up a headquarters. This base will tend to be close to the dig site so that any finds can be transported there with ease. The moods and overall productivity of the team members will be directly affected by how the interior of the HQ is decorated.

The walls should be covered in imagery and colours that bring a smile to the face of each archaeologist. The best website to obtain this from is Family Wallpapers. There are numerous stylistic options to go for. The most applicable one will depend on the nature of the dig.

Knight Iconography

It is common for archaeology projects to focus on ruins from the Middle Ages. Therefore wallpaper with images of medieval knights may be appealing. The picture could be of a knight jousting or displaying their coat of arms.

Patterns with a Rich History

People who become archaeologists have an excellent knowledge of history. They will likely have a degree in it. This allows them to recognise patterns that have a rich cultural history to them. These could serve as the basis for the wall theme. If this is the case, then is the ideal site to utilise. They can provide an abundance of William Morris patterns.

Gold Wallpaper

One of the main goals of most archaeology digs is to locate valuable items. Gold objects will be sought after in particular. The headquarters could have gold coloured wallpaper in order to remind the team what their primary goal is.

Photos of Old Finds

Family Wallpapers also allows people to print out their own custom images as wall murals. These might be photos of old finds that the team has acquired in earlier digs. These kinds of pictures can help to incentivise the archaeologists when they encounter any disheartening moments during the project.

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